Bike Polo European Cup 1st leg at Vigo 2022

This year the 1st leg of this year’s European Cup was held at Vigo Rugby Club on the 25th/26th of June, hosted by Oakenden Bike Polo. It was an incredible weekend for all teams with lots of goals, some spectacular crashes and top notch polo. Great to see two new teams this year with Bolbec playing their first European cup on English soil and a revival team from Cirencester!

Massive thanks to all the teams, spectators, the rugby club, caterers, organisers and many others for a fabulous weekend. It was also great to have KMTV and ITV meridian join us and see what Bike Polo is all about. Currently these will be aired this Thursday so stay tuned!

Here are the final standings from the weekend:

1st Pedales Varengevillaises 1 21 Points
2nd Oakenden 19 Points
3rd Amazons 16 Points
4th PAC 95 15 Points
5th Pedales Varengevillaises 2 14 Points
6th Cirencester 11 Points
7th Bolbec 9 Points
8th Oakenden Belles 7 Points

Click here to check out these amazing pictures from Graham Lingham at Kent-Based Photography

Full Match Results

Top Scorers
1. Sam Baylis 27
2. George Amor 16
3. Billy Quibel 12
4. Lenaic Marechal 11
5. Maximilien Pollet 11
6. Rich Adamson 10
7. James Adamson & Steve Thean 8
9. Henry Amor 7
10. Steve Pilcher & Benjamin Herry 6

We even made it onto ITV Meridian News!

And onto KMTV

More photos and GoPro footage coming soon!

For more information or any questions please get in touch!
Instagram: @oak_bike_polo / oakendenbellesbikepolo
Facebook: @OakendenBikePolo
YouTube: Oakenden Bike Polo

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