The Basic Rules

Each team consists of 5 players (4 outfield players and a goalkeeper).

Each game consists of 2 chukkas (periods) of 15 minutes each or 4 chukkas of 10 minutes each. The team scoring the most goals wins the match.

At the beginning of each match and each chukka, a sprint start shall take place with both teams nominating a sprinter. The sprinters start on the left hand side of their goal and sprint towards the ball in the centre of the pitch to gain possession.

In order for a player to touch the ball or attack an opponent, the player must be holding the mallet in their right hand, the handlebar in their left hand, and must not be touching the ground with any part of their body.

Players are allowed to:
• Prevent an opponent from hitting the ball by placing their mallet across the path of the opponent’s mallet whilst they are striking at the ball.
• Juggle the ball by bouncing it on their mallet.
• Play the ball or score a goal with the wheels of their bicycle.
• Hit the ball with their head or any part of their body, but must not intentionally play the ball with their feet (other than goalkeepers who can kick the ball).
• Hook an opponent’s mallet whilst the opponent is in the action of striking the ball provided the player does so with a straight arm.

Players are not allowed to:
• Jostle or shoulder an opponent.
• Block or impede a player who does not have the ball.
• Play or touch the ball or interfere with the game if they have a foot on the ground. They must ride away from the ball and wait for it to be hit before they can challenge for the ball again.
• Play or touch the ball without holding their handlebar with their left hand, other than the goalkeeper.
• Carry the ball with their body, mallet, or bicycle.
• Put their mallet in the wheel or across or under the bicycle of an opponent.
• Attack an opponent from the opposite side of the player to which the ball is being played.
• Block the path or zigzag in front of a player who has the ball and therefore the right of way.
• Stop ahead of the player in possession of the ball.
• Throw or drop their bicycle or mallet in order to stop the ball or to impede an opponent.
• Force the right of way between the ball and the player who is playing the ball unless there is enough room to do so safely.
• Hit the wheel of an opponent when the opponent has placed their wheel between the player and the ball without any danger.
• Throw or lay their bicycle or mallet in front of an opponent.

For a full set of rules click  here

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