The European Cup

The European Cup is played over 2 or 3 rounds annually. It is the most prestigious trophy in traditional (grass) Bike Polo in Europe. Teams from France, England, Ireland, Scotland and Germany have competed in the competition since its inception in 2007. Pédales Varengevillaises from Rouen, France have most wins in the competition with Vélo-Club de Frileuse et Sanvic from Le Havre, France closely following.

Oakenden Bike Polo have hosted a competition every year since 2007 (when the British round of the European Cup was held in York), since 2008 at Vigo in Kent, other than a break in 2018 when our Devon friends kindly ran the tournament

The winners of each round are awarded 20 points, the runners-up 18 points, then 16, 14, 12,10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The points from each round are added to determine the final ranking.

The Clubs:

Oakenden Bike Polo (plus Amazons, Tigers)
Oakenden Belles (our ladies team)
Cirencester Bike Polo
Chelsea Pedlars
Johnstone Wheelers

Dublin Phoenix
Dublin Obelisk

Velo-club Frileuse et Sanvic
Pedales Varengevillaises
PAC 95
Pessac Alouette
Entente d’Ile-de-France




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