About Us

We are Kent’s #1 Traditional Bike Polo Club and participate in all major tournaments in the UK and Europe. We formed in 2004 and are currently the 3rd ranked team in the world!

We compete every year in the Bike Polo European Cup, travelling to France and Germany as well as hosting our own leg of the tournament, regularly fielding 2 men’s teams as well as the only ladies’ team competing in the world.

We practice most Wednesday evenings (6.45pm) and Sunday afternoons (3pm) throughout the Summer at Vigo Rugby Club near Meopham in Kent. In winter, we switch to Urban Bike Polo in Gravesend. We welcome new members and those who just want to have a go, please get in touch as we can provide bikes and equipment.

For up to date information and to check training days, please contact us via Facebook (Oakenden Bike Polo), Instagram (@oak_bike_polo) or drop us an email: theoakendenbikepoloclub@gmail.com

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